Is Your Child Ready to Do Their Homework?

Completing an assignment from a teacher is not necessarily a piece of cake. There are a number of factors that go into a student completing their homework to the best of their ability. Here are some suggestions for a successful year of homework completion.

Snack – students need a little pick me up after a day at school. This should be a healthy snack that will not interfere with dinner.

Environment – students need a quiet place with no distractions where they can spread out their work. Pencils, pens, rulers and other supplies should be available. Research shows that a TV on in the background or an electronic device (smart phone, iPad, etc.) nearby are distractions to a child’s concentration.

Student’s Role – students should be given an opportunity to try and complete the work on their own. If they get stuck then parents should walk them through a problem and then let the student work on the other problems on their own.

Parent’s Role – to be a facilitator and assist students by helping them with probing questions and guidance. Parents should not do the homework for the child.