Settling Into the School Routine

By about the third week of school, kids should be settling into a routine with school. It is important that students develop these sound routines early so the next nine months run smoothly. Teachers are finishing up their review of previous knowledge received and are starting to introduce new material for growth in each subject. Students might feel some anxiety as they need to study more and work a little harder to retain this new information. Here are some suggestions to help with that influx of school work.

  • Have your children turn in their electronic devices (iPads, cell phones, MP3 players) at a designated time each night. Having the chargers in your bedroom will help eliminate the sneaking of these devices into their bedrooms. Research is showing students as young as second grade are getting less sleep when children are allowed to keep these devices in their bedrooms.
  • Develop a weekly schedule so your children can see what planned activities they have each day. List things like sports practices and games, scouting and other club activities, as well as upcoming deadlines for school projects and tests. This will help them see which evening they will be busy and will help them visualize when they can work on long term projects and study for upcoming
    tests. It will also help them develop personal responsibility for their schedules.
  • Have a designated area that is quiet (most experts agree that listening to the TV or their favorite songs does not improve their concentration), well-lit and free from distractions (sometimes that can be other siblings). This will help them focus on their assignments.
  • Scientists are finding that proper nutrition is playing an important part in students functioning and retaining knowledge. Learning to read the labels of snacks is becoming an important part of understanding children’s nutrition needs.
  • Adequate supervision is needed to ensure completion of assignments but overly helping them will not aid your child in retaining the material. The more the student completes the work the better their retention of it.

We all know what type of struggle it can be in getting our children to follow a routine. The time spent now will pay dividends throughout the year. Good luck and if you have any concerns with how your child is doing in school, please contact their teacher. If you are concerned about their social development you can contact one of our counselors. Also, you are always welcome to contact an administrator for additional support.