How to Make a Good Place to Study

The first thing students need is a place to study. Take a look at the list below. Ideally, the answer will be YES to each of these!

  1. Is the study area there at all times? It doesn’t do much good to have a study area if it isn’t available to be used at any time. Students need to have their area available whenever the urge to study strikes! If you have no choice but to share an area, develop a schedule to ensure it is regularly available.
  2. Is the study area free of interruptions? Being away from interruptions is important. You might even need to put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign.
  3. Is the study area free of distractions? Most students do their best studying when it is quiet. If your student likes the TV or music playing, turn the volume down to a low setting.
  4. Does the study area have all of the supplies that are needed? The study area needs pens, pencils, paper, calculator, and anything else needed for the particular student. If the use of a computer is necessary routinely, the computer should be placed in the study area as well.
  5. Does the study area have a large area to work on? The table or desk should be large enough for all of the items that are needed for studying. Leave enough space for books, and enough clear area for writing.
  6. Is there enough space for storage? The study area should be free of clutter. Make sure everything has a place so that the desktop can be kept clear of items that could be in the student’s way.
  7. Does the study area have a good chair? An uncomfortable chair will distract the student and make it hard to focus, but a too-comfortable chair might make the student sleepy. Find a chair that is a good compromise between too uncomfortable and too comfortable – one that the student can sit in for periods of time while maintaining their attention.
  8. Is there enough light in the study area? Make sure there is sufficient light for the student to see clearly and read easily without any discomfort or eye strain.
  9. Is the temperature of the study area comfortable? Too warm might make the student sleepy, too cold will be uncomfortable and make focusing on studying difficult.

Once the study area is prepared, make sure to find appropriate printable worksheets at to give your student that extra practice they need!